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How To Make A Good Base Layout?

Before building a better defense, we must understand how the attacking troops work, You have to understand what they target and how they target. Knowing the types of Troops your attacker will use goes a long way toward this goal. No layout is a perfect defense against every type of attack, Different base layouts are used for different types of armies, For example, the ground army has a different layout and a war base works in a different way. However, building against common attacks can help ensure success in Clash Of Clans Bases.

 Types of Bases:-

The very first thing to know is what you want to achieve. There are many different types of layouts that you can create in Clash Of Clans, and it is important that you have a well-designed layout for the village that you want to build, so there are some basic things that you need to understand to get a good base design. Here you will need to make different designs for your village at different times Like Farming Layouts, Trophy Layouts, War Layouts, Hybrid Layouts

* Farming Bases:-

Farming Base is Designed against those multiplayer opponents who farm for their base.  You can keep a few things in mind such as the design of your base layout and how to organize your defenses and where to place your storage so that you will be able to protect your Gold, Elixir, and Dark elixir resources from theft easily Clash Of Clans Bases.

In this, you can leave your smaller resources like collectors and keep your larger resources like storages more secure, But note that you periodically collect the Gold, Elixir, and Dark from your collector’s collections, This will also go a long way in filling your coffers. A few things that are worth keeping in mind in this layout are mentioned below.

  • The resource storage you want to keep the most secure should be located in the center of the base. Because usually that area is protected by your most powerful defense and your clan castle troops. Most of the time it can be Dark Elixir storage, But in some cases, it may also have this Gold and Elixir storage on the lower level of Town Hall.
  • And you should find your other storage set up evenly around the main compartment. It would be better if you keep them in separate boxes so that you can’t lose all the storage at once.
  • You can’t keep these in some cases where you don’t consider particular resources to be important ( For example, Elixir can often be ignored at Town Hall 8, In addition, you may choose to leave these outside your walls in hopes of getting more trophies with other farmers Clash Of Clans Bases.
Trophy Bases:-

The first purpose of a trophy base layout is to protect the trophies of the player’s village. You will often defend the town hall in this as breaking it means a star and consequently trophies for the attacker.  In addition to protecting the town hall, you may also wish to stop 50% of the destruction as this is another way to do that to the stars.

Here, Stopping 50% of the destruction in the settlement can be a bit hard as many forces are able to achieve this by attacking the least defended parts of your base that would usually be near or outside the front walls and hoping for the best will be so that more trophies can be lost. To avoid having too many trophies, however, we can set up some base layouts that can make the town hall very difficult to destroy. This allows enemies to be limited to one star, thus in most cases.

  • In this, the town hall is usually kept in the main compartment with Clan castle, Air defense, and Air Sweepers. If you’re a high town hall player, you can protect your town hall with the Inferno tower, X-bow, and Eagle Artillery. This means no matter what town hall you belong to. You should have a centralized town hall that keeps your Town hall highly vulnerable.
  • There are usually layers with a few walls between the corner of the base and the settlement. Inside it is defensive buildings or it can be a space between the walls so that the attacking enemy troops cannot destroy the second layer of the wall. Either of these methods can prove to be a great way to slow down the attacker’s Clash Of Clans Bases.
  • You can easily get trophies by placing your resource storage outside the walls, in the low-mid level league. Enemies who are raided for farming, simply leave their farming troops and return after collecting loot. And we can easily get the trophy.
* Hybrid Bases:-

Hybrids are simply capable of protecting both the player’s trophy and resources at the same time and are the most distinctive type of layout. As such it draws on aspects from both farming and trophy base.

  • Usually, you should keep your town hall safe with the most powerful defense. Because breaking it means losing a star and losing a trophy. As well as the loss of resources present inside it. In addition, however, you will also want to protect the resources you value most. In a Hybrid base, you can protect both of them at once.
  • Most Hybrid bases are segmented along the base walls. So that each compartment is not too big. This is a good idea so that the anime doesn’t easily steal all the resources and break your town hall in one go.
* War Bases:-

The first objective of War Bases is to stop enemies from getting the star. Usually, These bases are designed to contain Two or Three stars. A successful War base will be able to stop the enemy from achieving their goal and force them to launch multiple time attacks against your base.

  • As well as using the layout in multiplayer attacks, the trophy layout can often double as more layouts depending on the player’s success.
  • In fact, usually, only defense is surrounded by walls, and collectors are left outside while storage is left outside or can be placed inside to protect security.
  • Clan Castle is usually in the middle of the base, which is difficult to reach as it is common to have clan castle Troops in combat which play an important role in the security of the base.
  • While making a war base, it is important for you to think that how will you attack this base that you have created. Doing friendly challenges with clan friends helps you imagine which attacks your settlement will be the best against.

Do You also like to play Clash Of Clans then copy it and join the international arena? You customize your village and build your own army and take down your opponents. If you also like to attack enemies with your friends, then you can join a clan here or create a clan of your own. And if you need to design a base layout of your own, we’ll help you create it. You can come here on our site and go to your town hall level and see a great layout for yourself and copy it directly and set it in your base easily. The choice is yours in this million-stong community of barbarians.

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