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Th 13 Base Layouts Trending Today! 2023

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Coc Th13 War Base
coc th 13 war base

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    Coc Th13 War Base Link

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Coc Th13 Farming Base
Best Th 13 Base

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  Th13 Defense Base
Th 13 defense base

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Coc Th13 Base Link
coc th 13 base link

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  Anti 1 Star Th13 War Base With Link
anti 1 star base th 13

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best th13 base 2023
best th 13 base 2023

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  hardest th13 base    
strongest th 13 base

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Th13 Base
clash of clans th 13 base

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If you want to see the best layout of CLAN CAPITAL then click here.


Which type of base is best for COC Th 13 Base?

  1. If you want to save your trophies in th 13 then you need to set War Base which protects your trophies.
  2. Set Farming Base if you want to save your Loot in the village to upgrade things.
  3. If you want to save both your trophies and loot, Then a Hybrid base is best for it.

What is a farming base in COC Th 13 Base?

Farming base are those bases in which your all storages are located at the center of the base, in this type of base the main purpose is to protect the loot instead of trophies.

How To Copy Layouts?

If you want to keep a new layout in your base, then for this you have to follow the steps which are given below.

  1. First, come to our site and home or the Games page in the top headings.
  2. then you can see the Clash of clans home page where you will find the Home village, builder hall, and Clan capital bases.
  3. Find the town hall or village which base you want.
  4. Now you can see all the latest layouts related to this village, scroll down and select your favorite layout that you want.
  5. Below this image you got the option ” Copy Layout” click on this option.
  6. Now you redirect to COC Game on your phone and go directly to the Edit layout section.
  7. Now you just select the place where you want to set this layout, whether in the Home village or War base.

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