Limited Fortnite Alien Artifact – Season 7 Locations

Fortnite Alien Artifact (Invasion) In Season 7

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Limit
Fortnite Alien Artifacts Limit


Akien artifact location reviled scattered through the map w/ this. Can customize kymera skin to your desire. Total 5 artifacts are in this week so let us get them.

To collect this artifact is pretty simple. easy to find I added the location w/ map interface so it won’t be hard.

Moreover, the artifact looks like the picture above and is floating in the air. and purple-pink in color.

I have added an image where I pin all the locations you need to go to gain this artifact. for free. easy pizy

fortnite alien artifact location map
Fortnite alien artifact location map

1. Artifact you can find brutus’s Pool

There is a Big Pool there where you can find a big satellite signal tower.

2. Old Spire Guardian Tower

Here, you have your 2nd artifact for sure just explore the house back and front where you see the gem.

3. South of Corny Complex Bridge

Here on the bridge, you will have your 3rd artifact now customize your kymera alien.

4. Discovery Setelight Dish

on the lift side of the map discovery dish, you will have your 4th artifact.

5. North of pleasant park Spire Guardian Tower

Here you will find your last artifact for sure,

What Are Alien Artifacts In Fortnite?

This artifact will unlock the kymera customization option, this artifact is scattered across the map. Find it and unlock your kymera.

To unlock and have full control over kymera you need to collect over 300 artifacts. every week you have new artifacts place on your map keep collecting them it keeps playing.

What is Fortnite?

It’s a 3rd person shooter Online Game – For All platforms (mobile, pc, Xbox, Ps) Free To Play. Developed by epic games in 2017.

In this game, you play like a survivor and construct forts and buildings, etc. this is a multiplayer game you playing with other players to defeat them.

this is the coolest feature is that you can build and destroy. this game allows building on your creativity.

You can engage other players in fights and also zombies to collect ammo, weapons, and much more.

Now new feature is added like PUBG. Royal Battle w/ 100 players. the difference is you can build in this game.

you can buy marvel characters with money like Thanos. yeah it true

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Limit

These are all or week 2 I have found till now there are more I think it 15 almost.

Moreover, this year reminds me of camera aunt from the hunter x hunter have you watch anime.

Spoiler Alert –

So cool I am a big fan of the Zodiac family. Zeno dude is so cool.

And nanika-aluka man so dark. First, I thought its a fishing anime but then after watching i mean, it becomes one of my favs. anime all time.

This anime hit me differently in all emotions.

Best Fight is Netro and Meruem– The Talk b/w them is so high level like they are deciding the fate of the earth. in this fight. But meruem is so naive de don’t know how capable of human are.

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All The precious Weeks artifacts are also updated From week 1 to 11

Week 11 Location Artifact – (Fortnite)

11th-week artifact updates, Here,  we have some bad news that the artifacts of week 11 are not published and this is the end of the artifact.

Kymera set is not complete Fortnite is now back step on the alien artifact. They will release a new artifact soon. Players have to wait for a nig longer for the good stuff to come.

Week 10 Alien Artifacts Locations – (Fortnite)

Week 10 Fortnite 2021 artifact

There location in the map where you have to go collect the artifact

  1. In the first place, Curio is stowed away in the lift at the sharky shell.
  2. Another antiquity you find is the Weather station on the slopes close to the catty Corner.
  3. Misty Meadows, There is an ancient rarity at the planned Dish.
  4. Short Edge at the sobbing woods.
  5. The latter is at the Shanty Town, West of Slurpy Bog

Week 9 Artifact Fortnite Map location –

Week 9 Alien Artifacts Hidden Map Are Updated

  1. Unremarkable Shack of Stealthy Stronghold.
  2. Stealthy Stronghold
  3. The spire in Weeping Woods
  4. Defiant Dish
  5. Gas station of Corny Complex

Week 8 Artifact Alien Map Location – 

Here I have added the location in the map, Moreover, this location is accurate and ready to use at all times.

  1. Purple alien trees Of Craggy Cliffs.
  2. Dockside Dish of Dirty Docks.
  3. purple alien trees west of Boney Burbs
  4. Hydro 16 of Slurpy Swamp
  5. bridge north of Camp Cod.

Week 7 Alien Artifact locations in Fortnite

All New Fortnite Location on map week 7

  1. IO Base of Rocky Bluffs
  2. Covert Fortress
  3. Flawless Canyon connect
  4. washroom slow down at Dumpy Dish,
  5. distribution center on Camp Cod

Week 6 Alien Artifact Location Map Free

  1. Lockie’s Lighthouse
  2. Steamy Stacks In Alien Tree
  3. Corny Complex In Shed
  4. Catty Corner  small building
  5. Orelia’s island.

Week 5 Alien Artifact locations

there are a bunch of hidden artifacts in this map week 5 we have secured all the map locations here and we have put them here. you easily navigate the map and also, All location are written here.

  1. Misty Meadows- On Clock Tower
  2. Believer Beach – On The house
  3. Craggy Cliffs – Beach with trees
  4. Retail Row – Busstop Southeast

We have added all the week’s locations remaining 4 more to go we will update it as soon as possible. Until then you can have the rest of the map location.

We update the rest of the map very soon.

Also, get the latest Fortnite amazing news updates and much more all types of skin character updates new.

How to Download The Fortnite Games Play For Free –

First You need to visit the Epicgames where you can see the Fortnite games interface. There you can see the signup or log in right on the top.

Then Just create an account or login then you will see the download option in the interface. Where you will be asked what kind of system you want o install the game.

Then after selecting the system the download will start but this is not the real downloads this is just the Exe file after you install the file. the file will be 26GB o size. Moreover, there are many games with a much bigger size up to 200GB Warzone.

these games are online games where you have to connect your system to the internet. Fortnite games are also played on the phone with a size of 2 GB max.

These games are very simple to play and where you can get a free download and there is no money $ to pay. Although, you can buy some items in the item shop with money, like skin and other more amazing things.

Thank you! have a nice day!

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