COC Best Clan Capital Base Layout

Best Clan Capital Bases

Capital Base LayoutCapital Base Layout

As we know Super Cell people have added new CLAN CAPITAL in the new Update in Clash of Clan, On which we will get to see different bases on different levels. So, To make all these bases special and stronger, I have selected the best base layout which will better protect your clan capital.

Here you will find all the bases according to their levels, which will make it easier for you to find the base you need.

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Coc Best Clan Capital Base Layout

here you can see the best layout of clan capital in systematic order.

Capital peak Level 1

As you know that in the new clan capital peak we do not get much space to edit the base, so this is the best option for us to cover the capital hall with walls first. and use the remaining walls to cover your defense so that we will get better protection on it, which makes it the best clan capital base layout.

Capital peak Level 2

With more options now you should start collecting buildings around the corps to slow down the invading troops and the defenses should be protected by the walls and build a capital base layout for a more aggressive defense. It provides maximum protection in most of the tests tested so far.

Capital Peak Level 3

At capital peal Level 3, You finally have the option to build some more complex compartments with walls and move your defenses into more strategic locations. The best approach right now is to use walls to create large compartments and place them in a systematic order and use other buildings as perimeter structures to keep soldiers away from their defenses for as long as possible.

Capital Peak Level 4

In this layout, I found that all distance-take defenses work well. and in this layout, the enemy troops will have to go through the second defense line to reach Capital peak which will give them more difficulty.

Capital peak Level 5

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Here I bring you great base designs for capital hall 5. Moreover, I will also explain why certain buildings are placed in certain places while building this base. so let’s talk about the base design we build this base in such a way that the opponent cannot extend the troops’ deployment area easily also we created a maze around the troop’s deployment area and we placed some mines in that maze too which will create difficulty in the funneling process and all the main defenses including capital hall are placed far from each other so that opponents cannot destroy multiple main defenses in a single attack also these main defenses can provide defense coverage.

However, all over the base and provide backup for other defensive buildings too in addition to that all the mega mines and other traps are placed in front of these main defenses so they can eliminate some opponent’s troops before they deal with the main defensive buildings and all the ordinary defenses are distributed on the edge of the base also all these defensive buildings are placed two tiles far from each other so troops like super wizard towers can not deal damage to multiple buildings at once.

All the clan houses are placed in front of the defensive buildings so that defensive buildings can provide defense coverage for clan houses also it will buy us some extra time to eliminate the opponent’s troops.

Capital peak Level 6

As you can see in this layout our maximum defense is unlocked at level 6. There are only two or four left to remove. As the defense increases, we need a new and better defense layout. This layout is also one of the toughest of all. As we can see in this layout that our maximum defense is kept in cover, which creates a big problem for attacking. Here we have placed the town hall in the center and all the defenses are covered by it which gives it better protection to town hall. You use this base and see how beneficial it is.

Capital peak Level 7


You will get to see two choices here in capital peak 7. Both bases are great, Do try them out and let us know which of the two bases you like better.

Capital peak Level 8

At the end of the Capital peak, we will get to use all the defenses. As you can see this base looks quite simple, but it is a very tricky base. Here we have put all the defense very carefully. Try this base once and understand its nuances.


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