Best Wizard valley Base Layouts

COC Best Clan Capital Base Layout

As you all know Supercell has added a Clan Capital a new village to Clash of Clan. We have brought here the best layout of Wizard valley for you. However, Supercell has added a new feature to this game so that we can copy the direct base through the link and set it in our base, due to which it is very easy for us to settle the Wizard Valley Base Layouts.  But at this time the option to copy base is not available for Clan capital. As soon as it becomes available. We will provide the first option for you. If you are new to our site and interested in playing this game, click here to download it.

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Wizard Valley Level 1

Copy Layout ( When Available )

Wizard Valley Level 2


Wizard Valley level 1

Copy Layout ( When Available )

Hello Clashers! Welcome to our site, Today we are sharing with you a great design for your Level 2 Wizard Valley. We bring you the best design for all Town Hall and Share it with you so that you can make it easier to build your base. so let’s talk about the base design since the clan capital is a bit different than the normal village. so we need to consider the defensive buildings rather than the district hall because in clan capital that one star which is achieved by destroying the district hall is not more important than how much damage percentage you can get from a single attack.

Wizard Valley Level 3

Wizard Valley level 3OR

Copy Layout ( When Available )

So we have to design the base in such a way that the opponent needs to attack multiple times to get three stars from our base. so in this base design we placed all the main defensive buildings like multi-cannon and air bombs are placed in such a way that they can provide ground and air coverage all over the base and the opponent cannot snipe these defensive buildings easily also they need to use their two or more than two attacks just to reach the main defensive buildings and these main defensive buildings are placed in different compartments which makes it even more difficult to destroy.

Wizard Valley Level 4

Wizard Valley level 4


Copy Layout ( When Available )

So how do you like this base, you can share your thoughts with us by commenting below. And if you would like similar best design base for any other Town Hall, then you can also tell us by commenting below.

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