Clash of Clans December update | Clash Of Clans New Update! 2022

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Best Wizard Valley Base Layouts

Home Base | Clan Capital Base | Builder Hall  Base | Capital peak | Barbarian Camp | Wizard Valley | Balloon Lagoon | Builder’s Workshop  |   Dragon Cliffs  |   Golem Quarry | Wizard Valley Base Layouts COC Best Wizard Valley Base Layout Wizard Valley Level 1 Copy Layout ( When Available ) Wizard Valley Level 2 … Read more

Easily 3 Star the Championship Qualifier Challenge (Clash of Clan)

Championship Qualifier Challenge Hello friends, for all of you COC users, let me tell you that it is a matter of fun that supercell has added a new CLAN FEAST Challenge in COC. As we can see today a New Challenge has been added to Clash of Clan. The Challenge is that we will get … Read more