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10 New Things In Clash of Clans Winter Update! 2022

So the clash of clans has started with the winner holiday teaser videos which have had some really juicy stuff in them we don’t know about you guys but We absolutely love the clash of clans during the holiday season. So let’s know what things we will get to see in this Clash of clans December update 2022.

Today we have 10 things that you can expect to see in the clash of clans’ December winter update now all of our information will be based on the past clash of clans trends updates that were released on 12,13 Dec 2022.

COC  New Super Troop (Super Minor)

1.  As we know that for a long time we have not got to see any new super troops and it is a very good thing in this update that we will get to see a new super troop in this update which is a Super minor, Now we just have to see how it will be used in the game and what would be its ability?

Clan Capital New District! – Skeleton Park

2.  Just as all the clashers have loved the clan capital village, another exciting thing for all the clashers is that we will get to see a new district inside the clan capital in this December Update 2022. Just as there is a particular Troop for each district of the Clan Capital, it remains to be seen which new troop we will get to see in this new Clan Capital District.

A new Clan Capital District skeleton Park brings two new defenses and a new spell in The Clash of Clans update you unlock this District by upgrading your Capital hall to level eight and once you do unlock this District you have access to The Inferno Dragon troop and one mini minion Hive defense once you repair some of the ruins you gain access to the reflector but we will explaining the defenses later in the article.

Upgrading your skeleton Park District to level 2 gives you access to the Graveyard spell well once again this is after you’ve repaired a couple of runes and this is what we are most looking forward to because it’s kind of like a skeleton spell but the skeleton spawn when you’re attacking troops or defending troops are taken down, as you continue to upgrade the district Hall you will unlock many more reflectors but skeleton Park only goes up to level 4, this is what it looks like at maximum level two mini minion hives and six reflector defenses.

The Inferno Dragon can be upgraded to level 4 within the clan Capital and it works exactly the same as the super troop version a baby dragon with a single Target Inferno beam ramping all the way up to 1 600 damage thin the clan Capital that is the highest damage troop closely followed by the mountain Golem and the super Pekka does that mean,

It is good in the clan Capital! yes, we will be using it quite a lot because due to how the clan Capital operates many of the defenses have really high hit points so you can ramp up The Inferno Dragon damage and take them down quite easily if you could distract some of the major defenses rocket artillery, for example, you can take that down pretty quickly also the defending Super Dragon distract it wipe it out easily with an infernal Dragon.

coc clan capital new district (coc update)

3.  Now everybody loves some free stuff from the trader we mean especially as a free-to-play player so keep in mind that around the 19th or the 20th of December the trader will likely start populating free magic items,

magic items at reduced gem prices those items rotate every 24 hours so if you forget to log in you’re more than likely going to miss out on some great opportunities for free magic items to speed up your free to play base.

4.  stuff is seen in the most recent clash post on social media outlets starting with number one the Christmas tree which has been released for free every year. Many players collect and use them as resources, but they make a big mistake, Once you take them off the base after the season,

you’ll never see that year’s Christmas tree gifts again, and this time the Christmas tree will be seen something like this in the coc base. Like every time, in this Clash of clans December update 2022 we have got to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

coc christmas tree december 2022 (coc update)

5. We haven’t seen new levels for many defenses in the Town Hall 15 Update, but we will get to upgrade the levels of certain items in this December update.

6.  we also cannot forget that there are only 200 pieces of level 16 walls upgradeable for town hall 15. so we are going to predict that they’re more than likely going to add 50 new walls just to give us something to upgrade in the meantime if they do not touch town hall 15 in this particular update.

New Archer Queen Skin!

7.  we will get to see the Queen’s skin “Jolly Queen”  this time in Gems Purchase which came in a Gold pass in December last year, and keep in mind that if you do not purchase the gold pass you’re gonna have to it an entire year for that skin to populate in the cosmetics tab in your shop for 1500 gems.

now if you do tend to buy gems that are a little bit more expensive than an actual gold pass but then again we also understand that this is how free-to-play players get their skins so you might have to wait on that but just in case you forgot last year we also saw the addition of a legendary skin in the ice king for 9.99 so we can definitely predict that there’s more than likely going to be a legendary skin this year.

8.  We will get to see new winter scenery this time too like every time, but it will not be available for free.

9. We will get to see the new Clash of clans December update Challenge in the event section, by completing it we will get to see a specific reward which will be absolutely free.

10.  Ice wizards returned to the game temporarily which rewarded us with a free book of spells if we use them in multiplayer battles the Santa surprise spell made a return so you could shower your opponents with gifts and also we got a one gem army boost for a couple of days.

11. Goblins Map New Levels 

So here are some important items of this time which we will get to see in this Clash of clans December update. For more important information, stay tuned with us and Clash On!

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