coc th 10 base

COC Th 10 Base Layout


This bases is a hybrid base, which means it’ll help you in saving both your loot as well as your trophies. ans as always we’ll do an in-depth analysis of this base in the base analysis part of the best base layout, which will help you  in understanding how this base actually works. in this post we provide you coc th 10 base layout anti 3 stars with link. Download app now

first of all the obvious stuff the town hall is protected in the central compartment of the base as we want to save that one star and the loot in it.



Next to it are placed our x-bows. The x-bows are well protected in the central compartment such a way they provide protection to most of our defenses.


we’ve set them on both ground and air as we want protection against both air and ground attacks. The fact that they are placed right in the core of the base makes it hard for the opponents to reach them and they are usually he last defenses left to be taken out .


Wizard towers are one of the most important defense at town hall 10. So it is important to place them at the spots where they’re well protected and their range covers most of the defenses. Hence placing them in different compartments away from one another would be he most approptiate choice as we  can see wizard towers range cover most of the defenses in their range, which is exactly what we wanted. So next time when you are making a base yourself or you get it from somewhere else, ,make sure to check how many defenses are the wizard towers covering in their range . if it’s barely covering two or three defenses then you may want to reconsider their placement.


The most important defense in air attacks is strong air defense. Air defenses are placed away from one another in different compartments to protect them from being taken out by lightning spells in a group they are placed in mid compartment of the base.


Most important we set air sweepers well paired with them contributing to an increase in the protection against air attacks like Lavaloon, mass dragons.


Mortars are placed towards the outer compartments of the base because we want them to protect us against spam attacks like Barbain and mass goblins but they not only protect the outer buildings of the base.

They are places in such a waythat they pretty much cover the whole base except the core which is not really required to be covered by the mortar as most low hit-points, spam troops won’t be able to reach there.


Archer towers are arranged in such a way that their range covers the whole base which means the base is well secured against air attacks from all sides.


Inferno towers are placed near the center of the base making the core of the base stronger, and guarding our most important stuff on this base like ex-bows, town hall, wizard towers, dark elixer storage and air defenses


you have to set the inferno tower mode according to the armies you’re getting attacked with . If you’re attacked with lower hitpoint but higher troop count armies like miners, bowlers and witches, then you should set it on multiple mode.


If you’re getting attacked with high hitpoint troops like Electro dragons, pekkas,and golem then setting it on single mode would be a better option


Cannons are evenly spread throughout the base and provide a great balance to the base.


Bomb towers are placed in the mid compartments next to inferno towers and they cover a lot of defenses in their range. That’s definitely a good thing .


when we talk about storeages, we might see people stacking all their storages in the center which isn’t really the smarter way to protect your loot Beacause once the opponent’s troops get to the core all your loot will be gone. As they say never put all your eggs in one basket . It’s better to evenly distribute them than putting them all together. Hence we’ve placed them at a distance from one another . So that even of 70% of the base is destroued you don’t lose all your loot as you spread them out not only spreading them is important but it is important to place them alternatively by placing gold storage next to elixir storage rather that two gold storages side by side, we have care of all the little things in coc th 10 base.

Because let’s say this portion of your base gets destroyed in this case you’ll lose all your gold and it’s much better to lose your loot in a balanced way than losing all the loot of one kind of resources. so overall i’d say the loot is quite protected on this base.

The dark elixer is well protected in a compartment of it’s own in the core of the base so it’s quite well protected we have also kept our dark elixir drills inside as carelessly throwing them anywhere outside of the base can definitely hurt your dark elixir farming process as opponents would be able to steal it easily.


Now coming to the placement of the traps , i’ve observed so many attacks on this base. and found some spots when most opponents are likely to droop the troops on and the pathings where troops are most likely to walk through. and according to that i’ve placed these traps on those spots .


Coming to the outer buildings we’ve placed them alternatively like we’ve avoided placing the same kind of collectors close to one another. we seen most prople not putting enough thought while placing those outer buildings so they end up placing the same kind of collectors altogether these collectors become and easy target to attackers when placed together Hence it is important to spread them out to make it harder for enemy to take them out. All these small things together make this base a hybrid base. Click here to get coc th 10 base.

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