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Clash Of Clan Balloon attack

Best Town Hall 9 Base Design Clash Of Clans.

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th 9 base

Base Copy-Layout

th 9 base

New Base Copy-Layout

town hall 9 base


town hall 9 layout


th9 link

Copy- Base Layout

Town Hall 9 war layout

Copy-Base Layout

Town Hall 9 wat link layout


link town hall home 9


Th 9 base

Copy Layout

Town Hall eight 9

Copy Layout

best th 9 base
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TH 9 Base Best Defence 2022

Cannon Area:-
Th9 defence
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Archer Towers covering Area

best th 9 base defence
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 Mortar Covering Area

best th 9 base
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Wizard Tower Covering Area

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 Air Defense Covering Area

th 9 base defence
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Town Hall 9 Base: X-Bow Covering Area

Because the X-bow is the main defensive building in town hall 9. That’s why we have put him at the center of the base. Because it can cause significant damage to enemy air troops as well as ground troops. All of these things together make this one of the best bases for th 9 Defense.

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