Last Town Hall 14 Challenge! TH12 Super Challenge 2022

Easily Three Stars The Last Town Hall 14 Challenges

Hello, Clashers! Till now we have got to see many challenges of Town Hall 14 in the game. And now we have to complete the Last town hall 14 challenges given by Super Cell which we can see in the game.

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How To Complete Easily – The Last Town Hall 14 Challenge


Last town hall 14 challenge

Below you can see the base. That’s what you’ll find in Town Hall 14 Last Challenge, and you have to complete this challenge with a pre-defined army only. This challenge will be available to all the players. Whether they have Town Hall 14 or not. After watching this video, all Small and big Town hall players will be able to complete this challenge easily.

Last town hall 14 challenge

So friends, if you are also an old player of this Clash of Clans and due to this reason you are not able to give time to play it and now after hearing the news of the update of Town Hall 15, you too are starting to play it. So in the beginning you will face some difficulty in completing these challenges, And it can take you a long time to complete them. That’s why I have brought this video in front of you in which I will tell you how you can easily complete these challenges and save your time. So let’s see how to complete this Last town hall 14 challenge easily.


As soon as you get three stars in this challenge, you will get to see 400 xp, 14 Gems, and 2x Traning Potion in the reward, which is not a special reward, But we are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Town Hall 15.

Last town hall 14 challenge

with this, if you go for a better layout for your base in Clash of Clans, Then you can see it Here!

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