Easily 3 Star the Championship Qualifier Challenge (Clash of Clan)

Championship Qualifier Challenge

Hello friends, for all of you COC users, let me tell you that it is a matter of fun that supercell has added a new CLAN FEAST Challenge in COC. As we can see today a New Challenge has been added to Clash of Clan. The Challenge is that we will get to see a tricky base and we have to make it 3 Stars with a limited army, In return, we will get Gold, Elixer, Dark elixir, and a very important thing we will also get to see different Magical items in different task. So let me tell you how to easily get 3 stars in COC Championship Qualifier Challenge

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Championship Qualifier Challenge

Welcome my Friends we do only have a few challenges remaining in The Clash Fest event. As we can see today a New Challenge has been added to COC Championship Challenge. First of all, we use lightning and earthquake spells placing all of them to the bottom of this single wall piece this takes out The Inferno Expo town hall and the builder hut whilst we are at it. So drop earthquake first followed by the six lightning just deploy them all Archer Queen on the Wizard tower and the healers below her with the flame flinger across at the 3 o’clock area the base.

Now with your archers Place one of the gold mine and one to the Elixir collector at the left-hand side of the base and a wizard onto the Dark Elixir Drill at the bottom you can now place your remaining Archer up b the flame flinger your cue for the next phase of the attack is once the queen takes the wizard tower down so you’ve got a moment to catch your breath once that happens to use the Giant and wizard by the cannon three of the super witches to the right of this two regular witches.

COC  New Clan Feast Championship Qualifier Challenge

And the grand warden your other super witch to the left-hand side this is going to help with passing your queen into the scattershot if you’re not a town hall 14 players, you do get unlimited tries if you’re not quite used to these troops just stick with it as the queen enters into that area using a rage spell slightly to the left and the grand Warden ability the clan castle troops will be lured momentarily as they move across and move together then use a point poison spell on top of them.

We’re now shifting to the Barbarian King use him on the lower side of the base he will move into the base by the arch Tower once he’s done that send in the Royal Champion keep an eye on the defending king we’re going to freeze him sometimes he goes to the queen other times he goes to the Barbarian king.

He’s going to the king in this example so Breeze and then Headhunter in towards that we’re also going to use the baby dragon to funnel the kings deploy that up by the cannon this helps the king into the eagle compartment and we can also use the minion and two barbarians down here since the air defense is gone in that area there is a giant bomb next to the eagle artillery.

If you can hold on to the king ability until that goes off feel free to do so in this case the King ability went off automatically not a big deal jump spell to access the scatter compartment make sure to give access to the Troops in the middle as well and you can freeze the Expr scattershot and hopefully the queen there as well feel free to use the Royal Champion ability whenever necessary Queen ability.

as well you have that for emergency and the two balloons use onto any of the back end defenses once they are tanked by your main troops whilst this is a qualifier base it is very well designed this is how we can beat it every single time. So best of Luck my friends, follow this strategy and easily complete your COC Championship Qualifier Challengeon 3 stars.

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