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coc hammer jam

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So I hope everyone must have come to know by now or those who do not know yet, I will tell them that a new event has started in the game called Hammer Jam.

Most of the people are waiting for this event. so let me tell you what finally happens in this event, and who will benefit the most in this event. So the one that this event is named Hammer Jam, So actually what happens in this event is that the cost of all the defenses, resources, and whatever objects are there in our base, the cost of all is reduced to half in coc hammer jam event.

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coc hammer jam

The biggest benefit of this event will be for those people who have just upgraded their town hall to a new one or will soon do so. The best part in coc hammer jam event is that now we will be able to easily update the big defense that used to use a lot of gold elixirs to upgrade like x-bow, Inferno towers, Townhall, and last most important thing is upgrading walls it also takes 50% cost to upgrade which is very beneficial in Big Town Hall. At this time we can make our base better and stronger in less time which is a good thing from a defense point of view. coc hammer jam event.

If you’ve just upgraded your town hall, a better suggestion would be to first take out your small defenses, trap, and upgrade them a bit early. Then engage all your builders to upgrade them to bigger defenses and use your all-builder potion which increases your builder upgrading speed and takes less time to build things in coc hammer jam event.

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