Best Th 9 Bases With Links 2022

Best Town Hall 9 Base Design Clash Of Clans.

best th 9 basebest th 9 base

Hello clashers, So today we have brought you the best Th 9 base design layout. You can use this base for many things. Likes can use for trophy pushing as well as farming. so you can also call it a hybrid layout. Because in this layout we have placed both town hall and storage building score very well. As we know, breaking the town hall gives a star so that we can lose the trophy score. So we need to protect the Town hall from enemies at any cost. That is why the Town hall has been placed in the center So that the enemies attack from any side of the base but find it difficult to break the town hall. And place all the defensive buildings around the town hall so that the town hall will be more secure. so let’s examine the placement of each defensive building.

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Best Th 9 Base = Cannon Area

As you can see all the cannons are placed on the sides of the base. and all the total collectors are kept close to the walls, This gives the cannons time to do more damage to the Enemy’s troops. Another advantage of this is that both grounds targetting and damage are high, which will make it difficult for enemies to funneling the base from any side. which makes it the best th9 base.

Best Th 9 Base = Archer Towers covering Area

With this, all Archer’s towers have been placed on the sides of the base. So that it can cover that area against Air troops also, Which is very important to become the best Th 9 bases.

Mortar Covering Area

All mortars are placed in such a way as to provide an area effect to the entire base except the main part of the base. which is protected by the main defensive buildings. And it will help to damage Barbarian and archers from afar who specialize in cleaning the base besides.

Wizard Tower Covering Area


All wizard towers are placed around the base, which provides special damage coverage to the main part of the base. Which deals damage in the area effect so This will be helpful during major attack tactics like Hog rider and lava loon.

Air Defense Covering Area

Nowadays many people are using air attack strategy. That is why we have to keep our defenses in such a way that they can cover the maximum area of our base. At the same time, it can protect the main part of the base, where the town hall is located.

X-Bow Covering Area

Because the X-bow is a main defensive building in town hall 9. That’s why we have put him at the center of the base. Because it can cause significant damage to enemy air troops as well as ground troops. All of these things together make this one of the best Th 9 base.

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