Best Barbarian Camp Base Layout Results, Great Defense

Best Barbarian Camp Base

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Barbarian camp Level 1

Barbarian Camp Layouts

We won’t get to use many objects at the beginning of the Barbain camp, but we have to design a better base with enough tools. All maximum players use the wall to block the way here and put all the rest of the defense behind it which is not a good idea. Here we have placed the town hall in the corner of the river and covered it well with defense so that all the enemy troops will have to go through all our defenses to reach the Barbain camp which will prove to be a difficult task barbarian camp base. here you will get the barbarian camp base design.

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Barbarian camp Level 2

Barbarian Camp Layouts

The layout is also a bit similar to the first layout, but we have got a little more space here. In it, we also have kept the defense in such a way that the enemy troops cannot easily reach our barbarian camp coc. When the base share option will come in the game, then you can get the barbarian camp level 2 layout copy and paste  easily.

Barbarian camp Level 3

Barbarian Camp Layouts

We have checked a lot of layouts in this base, but this layout is the best among all the layouts. we have designed this base in such a way that if the enemy wants to attack, then he will not be able to do it easily even if he wants to do it from any one side. In this layout, we have placed the town hall at the center of all defense and whatever is the main defense, those who deal damage in area effects like multi mortar and rocket artillery, we have kept them near town hall so that town hall is safer. In this defense, we have placed the supergiant’s post in front of it so that all the damage is taken first by the supergiants and from behind our main defense is targetting the enemy troops barbarian camp base.

Barbarian camp Level 4

Barbarian Camp Layouts

As you can see, we have built the entire defense system in the corner of the river, which gives us the advantage that the troops get a place to come from one side and our defense can target these enemy troops easily barbarian camp base.


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