Top COC Builder’s Workshop Bases With New Layouts & Downloading Links

Builder’s Workshop Base Layouts

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Capital peak | Barbarian Camp | Wizard Valley | Balloon Lagoon |
Builder’s Workshop  |   Dragon Cliffs  |   Golem Quarry |

As we know Super Cell people have added new CLAN CAPITAL in the new Update in Clash of Clan, On which we will get to see different bases on different levels. So, To make all these bases special and stronger, I have selected the best base layout which will better protect your Builder Workshop base.

Here you will find all the bases according to their levels, which will make it easier for you to find the base you need.

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Builder’s Workshop Level 1 :-

( Copy When Available )

Builder’s Workshop Level 2 :-

( Copy When Available )

Builder’s Workshop Level 3 :-



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