COC All Clashmas Challenge! Easily 3 Stars

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Clash Of Clans Clashmas Rewards List 2022-2023

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One of the main attractions of playing this event is the opportunity to earn in-game prizes, This may include some new Troop (Ram Rider), spell (Christmas spell), and some special offers in the game which will be available only during this event.

To play the Clashmas Challenge, All coc players need to update their game to the latest version and join the event went it starts or complete the event before its end date of 01-01-2023 to complete this entire event easily in less time, you can know in this article below.

With this event, all Clash of clans Players can enjoy their Christmas holidays and collect their rewards inside the game by completing this Clashmas challenge. With a variety of events and challenges, there’s something for every player to enjoy. so with the help of our article, easily complete this event and Celebrate Clashmas in Clash of clans.

Clash Of Clans Clashmas Challenges! Easily Three Stars! 2022

If you want to complete 3 stars easily in Clash of Clans Clashmas Challenge then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you step by step all the ways how to complete this coc clashmas challenge.

Jolly Clashmas Challenges


clashmas challenge

while attacking this base, in the beginning, you have to drop a dinner on both the top archer towers and the cannon. After that come to the right side and drop both the Ice golem on the cannon, Along with the king, Queen, and grand wardon, The Battle Drill machine is also to be discarded behind. Then Send a wall breaker to break the walls and drop one healing, rage spell on the heroes.

Spread the miners from the left side and cast the spell according to the damage inflicted on them. One important thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to focus on a single tower. If he locks your heroes, put one freeze spell on him. Then you just don’t have to do anything, now you will get three stars.


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When all your troops are about to reach the town hall, it is time to leave some goblins at the center of the defenses that are in the left side top corner to attract the attention of those defenses. After these left-side defenses are broken, you have to use the Royal champion ability. Then you will easily get three stars in this Clashmas Second Challenge. [/read]


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December Clan Games Reward List!

Dec clan games rewards

Clashmas Freebie!

clashmas reward

Some of these items are found in this clashmas reward list in 2022, which starts from 20th to 26th Dec. So let’s know which rewards we will get for free in this whole week.

There is a New Update for this in the game, So Update now and Collect these Clashmas Rewards!

First Day-20th-Dec:-  2 Builder Potion


Second Day-21th-Dec:- 1 Power Potion


clashmas reward

Third-Day-22th-Dec:-1 Resource Potion

clashmas reward

Fourth Day-23th-Dec:- 2 Research Potion


Fifth Day-24th-Dec:- Clan House Decoration`


Sixth Day-25th-Dec:- Book Of Fighting


Last Day-26th-Dec:- Book Of Everything


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