How Many Hours Are There In A Year Learn With Trick!

In the Western world, the Gregorian calendar is used to calculate the hours in a year, also known as the Common Year. In this article, we will know in a normal method and the short method how many hours are there in a year (Normal or Leap Year)

Number Of Hours In A Normal Year Calculation:-

There are 365 days in a normal year and if we want to find out the total number of hours in it, we can calculate by doing something like this which is shown below.

How Many Hours Are There In A Year Normal?

1 Normal Year = 365 Days        and in  1 Day Hours = 24 Hours

Calculate 1 Year Hours = 365 Days X 24 Hours

= 8760 Hours!

Now in a simple way, you know how many hours are there in a year Normal.

How Many Hours Are There In A Leap Year?

Leap year has 1 day more than our normal year. This year our month of February is not 28 but 29 days.

1 Leap Year = 366 Days  ,     1 Day Hours = 24 Hours

Calculate 1 year Hours = 366 Days X 24 Hours

= 8784 Hours!

Now you also in a simple way, know how many hours are there in Year Normal!

How Many Days Are There In A Leap Year?

Leap year has 1 more day than a normal year because, our Earth completes the round of the sun in 365 days, 6 Hours, and 16 seconds, which takes 6 hours extra every year. It becomes 24 hours after 4 years of addiction every year. which makes 1 day, due to which one extra day is added in a leap year.

how many hours are there in a year

That’s why instead of 365 days in a leap year, there are 366 days in a leap year.

How Many Weeks Are There In A Leap Year?

1 Week = 7 days

So! the weeks in Normal and Leap year will be:

In 1 Normal Year = 365 Days = 365/7

= 52 Weeks and 1 Day Remaining.

In 1 Leap Year = 366 Days = 366/7

= 52 Weeks and 2 Days Remaining.

Hence, The number of weeks in Normal & Leap Years will be the same = 52 Weeks.

If we want to express the years in Fractions then,

1 Normal Year = 365/7

= 52.142 Weeks.

and, 1 Leap Year = 366/7

=  52.286 Weeks.

How Many Minutes Are There In A Leap Year?

As we have already known that there are 366 Days in a leap year.

and we also know that in 1 Day there are 24 hours and in 1 Hour there are = 60 minutes

Therefore! Minutes in Leap year will we = 366 Days X 24 Hours X 60 Min

= 8784 Hours X 60 Min.

= 527,040 Minutes.

Hence! There are 527040 Minutes in a Leap Year.

How Many Seconds Are There In A Leap Year?

After calculating the Minutes of Leap years, we don’t need to do much to calculate the seconds.

As we know there are 60 seconds in 1 minute.

Now, all we have to do is multiply the leap year’s Minutes we’ve calculated by the Seconds and we’ll get the Leap year’s seconds.

=  527040 Minutes X 60 Seconds.

= 31,622,400 Seconds.

Tips To Learn Easily This Concept!

We do not need to remember the Hour of both the Year ( Normal & Leap Year). So, we only have to remember the hours of the Normal Year which we can also keep in mind as shown below:

  • we know that there are 365 days in an ordinary year.
  • One line we have to remember = 3 square – 1 and,  6+1 and, 5+1 and remember to put ‘0’ at last.

= 9-1,  7,  6

= 8760 Hours!

Once we remember the ordinary years, we do not have to do much effort to remember the Leap year’s hours. Al we have to do is Add 24 Hours to the Normal year hours and we’ll get our leap year hours.

Learn How many Days are in Months by Trick!

We know that Except February, all other months have 30 and 31 days. But it is very difficult to remember which month has 30 days and which month has 31 days. That’s why we have come up with a trick to overcome this problem so that you can easily remember them for a lifetime.

  • when we close our fingers and make a Fist, then we can learn this trick very easily from the bulge that comes out on the bask side of our hand.
  • The part which has bulged has to be remembered for the month of 31 days.
  • The middle part of the bulge has to be remembered for 30 days.

Now you must have understood which month is 30 and which is of 31 days, but still, some more Questions will be running through your mind like if someone asked Example 2020 is a leap year or not. how will you recognize that it is normal or leap year? Then for this also tell you a great method, by which you will easily recognize in seconds whether it is a Normal year or a leap year.

How to know leap year?

To figure out leap years, we need to understand two things.

1.  The last 2 digits of any year are to be divided by 4. If it is divisible then it is a leap year. If not then it is a Normal year.

For example:- 2020 is a leap year or not, last 2 digit is 20

=   20 is divisible by 4 so it is a leap year.

2. If we are given a century like 1200, 1400, 1600, and 2000 Year. So now we have to divide them by 400 except 4.

For Example:-    1600 is a leap year or not?

=  1600 / 400 is divisible by 400 so it is a Leap year.

Which of our methods did you like most, you can tell us by commenting, and in which Topic do you want to know the short method, you can also tell us by commenting below!

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1 – What is Galactic Year?

1 Galactic Year = 230 million Earth years.

2 – What is Aeon Year (Eon)?

1 Aeons = 1000000000 Years

3 – What are Callippic Cycles?

1 Callippic Cycles = 76.052054794521 Years

4 – What Are Centuries?

1 Century = 100.01268391679 Years

5 – What Are decades?

1 Decades = 10.001268391679 Years

6 – What is Dog Year?

1 Dog Years = 7 Years

7 – What Are 1 Exasecond Year?

1 Exaseconds = 31709791983.765 Years

8 – What is Gigaseconds Year?

1 Gigaseconds = 31.709791983765 Years

9 – What Are Gregorian Years?

1 Gregorian Years = 1.0006643835616 Years

10 – What Are Helek Years?

1 Helek = 1.0569920091324E-7 Years

11 – What Are  Hipparchic Cycles?

1 Hipparchic Cycles = 304.20547945205 Years

12 – What is  Zettaseconds?

1 Zettasecond = 31709791983765 Years

13 – What Is Teraseconds?

1 Teraseconds = 31709.791983765 Years

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