Noita Tips and Tricks for Beginners: How to Survive and Succeed in the Game

Noita is a challenging game that has been gaining popularity for its unique gameplay, where players are tasked with exploring a dangerous world filled with powerful enemies and deadly hazards. However, many players complain that the game is too difficult to beat. While it is true that Noita has a high learning curve, with practice, players can overcome its challenges and enjoy its rewarding gameplay. In this article, we will explore Noita Beginners tips and strategies for the early to mid stages of the game, without spoiling the rest of the game.

Always Carry a Water Flask

noita water flask

One of the most essential items to carry in Noita is a water flask. It can be used to put out fires, remove stains, and neutralize harmful materials. It’s crucial to have a water flask with you at all times since fire can quickly spread and cause significant damage. To make swapping between the water flask and damaged wands easier, consider rebinding the keys to more accessible keys.

Noita remove stains

Get at Least 600 Gold in the Mines

noita beginners tips

Gold is a valuable resource in Noita, and players need to collect it to progress through the game. In the mines, players can farm gold by destroying rocks and defeating enemies. It’s essential to get at least 600 gold in the mines to re-roll the perk machine or buy items from the shop. A perk machine is an essential tool that allows players to select beneficial perks that can significantly aid them in their journey.

Using Bombs Sparingly

noita bomb sparingly

Bombs are a powerful tool in Noita beginners tips, but they should be used sparingly. Players should only use bombs when they absolutely need to, as they can cause a lot of damage to both the player and the environment. Bombs are particularly useful for breaking through walls and barriers, but players should be careful not to use them too often.

Getting a Digging Wand

noita digging wand

One of the best tools for navigating the underground world of Noita beginners tips is a digging wand. A digging wand allows players to create tunnels and pathways through the environment, which can be incredibly useful for navigating difficult terrain and avoiding enemies. Players should try to get a digging wand as early as possible in the game, as it will make their journey much easier.

Farming Gold in the Coal Pits

noita beginners tips

Gold is an important resource in Noita beginners tips, as it can be used to buy items and re-roll the perk machine. One of the best places to farm gold is in the coal pits, where players can find large deposits of valuable metal. However, players should be careful when exploring the coal pits, as they are home to many dangerous enemies and hazards.

Shooting Treasure Chests

shooting treasure chests

Treasure chests are a common sight in Noita, but they can be dangerous if players are not careful. Mimics are creatures that disguise themselves as treasure chests, and they will attack the player if they are opened. The best way to avoid being bitten by a mimic is to always shoot the chest from a distance before opening it. If the chest shakes when shot, it’s a mimic, so be prepared to fight it. Mimics drop valuable items, so it’s worth the effort to defeat them.

Always Be Prepared for the Worst:- Noita Beginners tips

noita beginners tips

One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing Noita is always to be prepared for the worst. The game is designed to punish players for being unprepared, so it’s important to always be on the lookout for dangers and have a plan for dealing with them.

Carry a variety of wands and potions to deal with different situations. If you come across a dangerous enemy, retreat if necessary and come back when you’re better prepared. This will help you avoid unnecessary deaths and progress through the game.


1- Is it worth it to fight a mimic in Noita?

Yes, it is worth it to fight a mimic in Noita. Mimics drop valuable items, so it’s worth the effort to defeat them. To avoid being bitten by a mimic, always shoot the chest from a distance before opening it. If the chest shakes when shot, it’s a mimic, so be prepared to fight it.

2- Is Noita too difficult?

Many players complain that Noita is too difficult, but like any game, it becomes easier with practice. However, it is important to note that the game is designed to be challenging and punishes players for being unprepared.

3- What is Noita?

Noita is a game with a high learning curve that is difficult to beat. It is a roguelike action-adventure game where the player controls a witch who must navigate through a procedurally generated world while fighting enemies, avoiding traps, and discovering secrets.

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