How To Verify More Then One Tinder Accounts?

How To Create More Than One Tinder Account With Out Getting Banned (Tinder Verification Bypass)

I am going to show you how you can create more than one tinder account without getting banned. Also, verify the account without getting banned.

Tinder bypass is hard to go through I am going how step by step through how to do that and tell you which tool you can use for that. This is a very simple process.

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For which purpose do you need more than one account

  • Person Travel country to country and location change. you can’t find any matches in your location this feature is only allowed in tinder Gold Sub. It cost money I can show you how to do it for free. If the same person makes more than one tinder account it will get banned for the time being.
  • If you want to do marketing for any person – you can do that too. easy without getting banned.

What Mistake Is Commonly Made During Making Tinder Accounts?

  1. Don’t use phone / Chrome/ Brave or any  other Browser  – I will show what browser will use
  2. Don’t use VPN or another VPN app.
  3. Don’t use the same phone number or email address.
  4. Don’t use the same image again and again.

What Do You Need Before Making Tinder Accounts?

  1. Install “Dolphin Anty” browsers on your PC.
  2. Get Sim Cards For each account you can buy them in the market or  You can also get a virtual Number (don’t use a free virtual Number They never Work) Use this platform for Numbers they work very smoothly cost is very cheap Start from $0.1 SMSPVA.
  3. Get Gmails. You can Buy emails on Accsmarket Very cheaply. Or you can make it yourself (How to Make Free Gmails Without Using Phone Number for Free)
  4. Get a proxy from any provider you can get it for free or you can buy them. Just google them there is plenty of platforms that provide the proxy service  – I recommend buying the proxy they come very cheap. Iproyal
  5. Install OBS On your pc.
  6. Also, Install this software MD5 has changer. ↓

(This is very lite and simple software this will change the images background details so you can use the same picture again and again on different tinder accounts without getting banned)

I will show step-by-step how to use this Application

1. Step By Step How To Use Dolphin Anty Browser

  • After installing Dolphin browser Registers make an account.
  • Make sure you register on the Web first.
  • Sign up on Web >> The Login on Dolphin Installed Browser.
  • Click On “Create Profile at the top of the right-hand side”
  • Now Add the Name & New Proxy.
  • Add your Proxy and click on Create Profile and it’s done!

2. How to Use How to Make Tinder Account On Dolphin?

Now the dolphin is set up to run the profile. Now dolphin runs on the same system as google chrome. So it’s super easy to use.

  1. Now go to tinder on google and click on create the account.
  2. Before creating an account you need a sim (phone number) and Email. You can get the number from SMSPVA & Accsmarket Here is how to get it.
  3. Now create the account and verify it with your email and phone number.

3. How To Get Done Image Verification?

If you have already created a tinder account and it’s not verified with a blue tick and asking for image verification. tinder verification bypass Before, you verify the account person needs to take tinder pictures with different poses for verification like this or you can google the pictures and take all the poses picture with your phone.

tinder verification
  1. Now google the tinder images and take all the pose pictures.
  2. make sure you take all the pictures as is it.
  3. Tinder asks for random poses so take it all.
  4. I will show you in the next step where to use them.

Now Install The OBS software all the processes will be done there.

  1. Now open the OBS,

After clicking on ” Start Virtual Camera” Now Test your camera to see if it’s working or not. In order to test your camera you have to change some seating in your dolphin browser.

  1. Go to Your dolphin browser
  2. Go to setting
  3. Now Privacy and Security
  4. Site Setting
  5. Camera
  6. change your camera to OBS
  7. Now test your web cam

now you have done all the processes sign up for the tinder account on dolphin.

Now use the new phone number and email id. I have mentioned above how to get them. everything ready. when the tinder account asks for verification you do this process then it will work.

Note – change your Imagee fingerprints with the MD5 hashtag I mention above. I’m not sure if I get the all steps correct. If you face any problems just let me know in the comment box. I will fix it for you. and I will reply very quick. This is our email if you have some other issue with this article.

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