Solve Error Code XY UPI Google Pay, Phone Pe 2022

Error Solution For (U28, U80, U86, U16, XY, 402)


Nowadays many of the errors are accruing while using UPI through an app like google pay or phone pay or any other app. This problem occurs much time while using the UPI.

There can be several solutions to this. I have added many of the methods you can use any of them if it’s good to use.

  1. Try Flight Mode Turn On Then Off.
  2. Restart/Reboot Your Phone.
  3. Clear The App Data then again open it fresh.
  4. Remove the sim from the phone then again put it back.
  5. Now there are networks you use (airtel. Bsnl. jio. idea etc) Now connect your phone to another network via wifi or another sim network.
  6. There are server problems many times. In order to solve you can use the VPN Network Of Your Country (Not Other Country VPN).
  7. Use Your Upi account on a different device.
  8. Clear your phone Trash cash or cookies many other junk files in the device. They contain many Mallvares they are bad harmful that why UPI gives your error because they don’t want to compromise the security of your account. This is Bot they black this.

I hope this is helpful to you tell us in the comment box if your problem is solved. If Not Tell us we give you the solution.

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