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Fredrinn Best Build MLBB

fredrinn best build

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Skill 1:- Piercing Strike:-

This skill deals physical damage to all enemies in its range. It also slows down enemies for 2s. After using this skill, his next basic attack rage is increased and it deals damage to enemies in a straight line. This skill deals extra 50% damage to minions and monsters, fredrinn best build.

Skill 2:- Brave Assault:-

This is a dash skill. If it hits an enemy, it deals damage and immediately stops. It has a slight knock back too. This skill doesn’t deal damage to minions. After using this skill, his next basic attack will knock the enemy target. The knockup effect works on minions too.

Passive:- Crystalline Armor

When Fredrinn takes damage, 85% of the damage is stored as Crystal Energy in his HP bar. After 8s the crystal energy starts to decay. When Fredrinn deals damage, the stored Crystal energy converts into HP by 30% of the damage dealt.

fredrinn best build

The conversion rate changes to 15% on minions. When Fredrinn’s skill hits an enemy target. He gains a skill point. He can store up to max 4 skill points. Skill points disappear after 6 seconds. You cannot gain skill points from Minions, but you can from Monsters. Each skill only grants 1 skill point, even if you hit multiple enemies.

Skill 3:- Energy Eruption:-

This skill deals physical damage to nearby enemies and taunts (similar to Gatotkaca’s skill 2) them for 1s. If this skill hits an enemy hero, Fredrinn gains 60 physical and Magic Defense for 3s. This skill will reduce skill 1 and skill 2 cooldown by 75% if it hits a target. This skill requires 1 skill point to cast. If you have 0 skill points it becomes unavailable. This skill consumes 1 skill point and if you manage to hit a target it gives back 1 skill point. fredrinn best build .

Skill 4:- Appraiser’s Wrath:-

This skill deals physical damage to all enemies in the area. It deals extra 75% damage to a target in the center. This skill’s damage scales based on his Crystal energy. So using Ult when low HP deals more damage. You need 3 skill points to use this skill. If you hit a target you will get 1 skill point back. Vengeance is my recommended spell for Fredrinn. It makes him extra tanky and helps with damage. You can use Flickers sometimes. Just for the Flicker+ult combo.

fredrinn best build

Best Build for Fredrinn

fredrinn best build

Skill Combo

SKILL 2 -> BASIC ATTACK -> SKILL 1 -> BASIC ATTACK -> SKILL 3 -> When your HP or Enemy’s HP get’s low, Then use Skill 4 Ult

Tips & Tricks

In this hero skill, you have to upgrade the first skill of the hero as fast as possible and upgrade the second skill to the last if possible and upgrade the third and fourth skills. Whenever there is time in between the option of grading comes. fredrinn best build .

Skill 1 Max first and Skill 2 max last

Skill 3 and 4 combined – upgrade whenever available.

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