How Online Games Affect Health – Solution 2022

Online Games Effects On Health In Many Ways

The 21st century is the trend of Online Gaming. Technological advancement of gaming industry making games more realistic every day. Also, this makes Online games reachable to every corner of the world – Free online gaming. Games get so addictive and easy to understand and with this, you can’t even get bored you can play for hours on the gaming platform. W/ the VR gaming this becomes even more realistic people don’t want to come out of the virtual world.

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Most online games are popular among teenagers.

Gaming is affecting health in many ways

  • Mental
  • additive
  • Body
  • No socializing
  • Stressed
  • Unsatisfying Feeling

These are the common symptoms of playing online games for a long. I am going to give you a brief summry of all these effects and how to get rid of them in a simple way.

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How do online games and offline games affect health?

Yes, Online games are making a huge impact on the brain. Playing online games makes you satisfy and give you enjoyment. but Why? in the game you have the control. it’s all about control. you are doing everything and whatever you want to do in the games and you the master of this universe.

So this kind of feeling gives you enjoyment to your brain. which release the chemical in your brain dopamine and serotonin. Gives your brain joy.

For this joy, your brain and mind don’t want to come out of that place. this is called Addiction. This makes a huge impact on your brain by choosing b/w games and real-life activities. Furthermore, this type of thing doesn’t happen to everyone only to those who devote all their time to games. this becomes a part of their life.

How to Get Out Of This Gaming Mental State?

After analyzing the mental state you can do a bunch of things to get away with this problem.

These are some ideas I came up with / feel free to share yours in the comment box.

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1. If you are really in bad condition can live without games: this article is not for you you need to go see the doctor. this kind of state needs a physical attendant. There is a big difference between Go to the doctor and reading this solution Online. This article is for those who can manage to come out of this state by themself.

2. 2nd is that do travel with friends this will help you to get along with others and also you cant get bored. this makes you think about games less.

3. I don’t have friends then all you need is to make one. But some people prefer to be alone that’s how they like it. If alone watch movies series and anime whichever you like. This helps you come out of the games and buy the joy for your brain that will come from movies. The best part is movies and series have endings now this will give the satisfaction. so watch it and chill.

4. Find something that helps your brain relax this can be anything like – Built Something, Paint Something, Cleaning, play outdoor games, Get work done, Get a Gf, Hangout w/ friends, make money, read the book, go to other places, go to grandma’s home, I can tell you 100+ things to do but you have to find out them by yourself.

Some of you are thinking that this is stupid I can think of all that by myself, Let me tell you something, if you find out this by yourself you won’t be here on google to search this thing and reading this article. I admit this is some basic thing but if all this thing we hear from other places makes us listen more we admit that we have to do this thing. But you know it already and won’t do anything. I am here to give push courage to you to do this thing. Understand your brain!


Many Teens are addicted to games nowadays. all they do is playing games. all around the world, some major games are – Minecraft, Fortnite, pubg, and many more.

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What is the cause of the addiction – Doing something too much is not good. people are playing games all day long they forget to eat drink or sleep. this is called addiction, If you have many young children playing the games so much they don’t understand the meaning of outdoor games, how important they are for them for a healthy and suitable life.

2022 online games are so easy and reachable and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry so everyone wants to earn the money.

And the technology is the best nowadays it will look like you be playing the games in real life, and you don’t have to come out of it. Likewise, it doesn’t matter where you are playing and which device you are playing.

2022 the android cell phones are so cheap you can afford them and play any games you want to. millions of games are available online.

From a low age, kids start playing the game and get addicted to it.

How to Get Away From Gaming Addiction?

This is the most common question today 2022 many people get addicted to many things like smoking, drinking, and many other things.

1. If you have a gaming addiction you have to come over it as soon as possible because it will get worse. Need to set up the timetable if you want to play the game you have to choose a time only then you play. you have to stand strong on your decisions.

2. Change your friend circle main reason for the addiction is the surrounding is not letting you stop playing. If you have a gaming addiction most likely your friend also playing these Online games and you are discussing it every day. you need to stop doing that make your friend stop too and do some other activities.

3. Read books to get wisdom then you will realize the most important part of your life is outside the game I am not saying that stop playing you need to set up the plan for playing. play one a week full day with anybody.

There is no stopping you to do anything besides you. you have the powers of that.

4. Keep thinking that you don’t want to play online games. again and again, it’s the force of thinking more you think of a particular thing more the universe will act on it this secret- of attraction “This Quote is from The novel The Secret”.

5. Get a Pet. Dog, Cat, Elephant, Jiraf, Hina, Lion (just Kidding) Cat and Dog are fine you can choose other as you like.

Body Health

Gaming can cause many changes in your body  – overweight, loss of eye vision, weakness, and many more because you playing games all time it will affect like you are not getting any sunlight and not having the proper meal. just eating junk food and many more other things you can get sick.

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How to maintain your health while playing online games?

  • If you are sitting in front of the computer for so long. take a power break after some time walks outside and do some exercise.
  • Need to drink plenty of water and also get enough sunlight if possible keep your window open while using the computer because fresh air will circulate in your room. it will keep your mind fresh

No socializing

Playing Online games all-time will cut you off the people you be living in other worlds that are not a good thing more you live in a virtual world. More your brain will defy to interact w/ other people.

It will make you blind you don’t know what is happing in your family your friends and in the outside world.

you playing and in 1 week you come out of your room and you know the world is ending now you are the only one left and a few more. What happens then.

How to Socialize?

you need to meet new people around you. if you don’t like your neighbor that’s another thing.

  • Have you consider installing tinder and other dating apps- if you are young and you want that. I mean you can meet other people as weird as you are.
  • go on a vacation to other places with your friend and tell them to invite his other friend that you don’t know. Now you can meet new people.


While playing Online games people often get stressed out easily. because they can’t get level up stuck in the mission. loss in-game died in-game, people take this very seriously. then they get stressed out (have you watch Ready Player) It’s based on the concept people get stress and taking steps they shouldn’t have.

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  • you need to understand the things the games will reflect in the real world. if you are playing games for the year, think about that what that game give you in the past year.
  • stress will give you more stress – to avoid that you can cook, you can talk to someone. the best way that you write what you think you can do that on Reddit and quora anonymously nobody need to know who are you. this will give you relaxation of mind stress-free.

Unsatisfying Feeling 

the worst feeling is this unsatisfying of a thing you work so hard and don’t get it. this is what happens in online games. you are playing the game and died middle of some mission and you have to start over, this kind of feeling makes you feel angry and you let the anger out on someone not intentionally.

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So don’t do that

Do some work that you will complete a set of small goals daily like making your bed. this kind of small thing will give you satisfy feeling from time to time.

do all little tasks anywhere if you are at work at home or somewhere you have to find out this thing by yourself.

This will automatically change your life.

Thank you! this is where I end this article. I am open to other suggestions drop in the comment box. Share your life experience.

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