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Core keeper is a survival sandbox game developed by Pugstrom. Currently, the game features the same mechanicals as other games in the sandbox genre in Early Access. Such as Minecraft, and Terraria which include mining, crafting, farming, and exploration in a procedurally generated underground world.

It was released in Stream in Early Access on 8th March 2023 and the game was highly praised for its game mechanics, art, style and tone, and atmosphere Portal Core Keeper.

Core Keeper

Core Keeper Server:-

Core Keeper Server:-

Core keeper is a top-down sandbox game similar to games like Minecraft and Terraria. The game is also based on survival and crafting mechanics. It can be played as a Single Player or cooperatively with up to 8 players. In it players also have the ability to host a server, which any person can join up to 8 players at any time.

The game begins with a cut scene in which only the player’s character’s background is arranged before the character is placed in a procedurally generated network, The starting point is called the core chamber, which is in the same brethren for all players with the same starting enemies and resources. It also includes three instruments representing the Boss, which can be taken and Defeated within the game.

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Core Keeper Steam :-

Core Keeper steam

This game is also available in steam, At the beginning of the game, the player is placed in a dark area that can be illuminated using a lantern or a flashlight. The torch can be made using the collected wood which is the first tool found in this place. The world in this game is made up of square tiles of dirt and other materials that can be excavated and mined.

So that this map can be further explored and resources can be collected. To help with this, blocks of glitter can be used, which helps players know which direction to dig to find them. The resources gathered can be used to craft weapons and work areas Which unlocks new items to craft. A furnace can also be created that allows the player to smelt Ores to make weapons and armor.

Core Keeper Guide :-

Core Keeper guide

There is also a Hunger Bar of Player Character shown, if low, the player can die. That’s why players must also collect food to prevent their character from starving. This work can also be done by finding food or farming in the world and giving it water. Later in the game, the process of watering the plants can also be automated by using sprinklers. Additionally, fish can be caught in the fishing minigame by using a fishing rod.

cooking can also be achieved by using a cooking pot which can be made in a game. Foods cooked in this way provide additional health enhancements and benefits compared to naturally occurring food.

Core Keeper GamePlay

Core Keeper GamePlay

In-game exploration is facilitated with an in-game map that can be opened as an overlay. This is also facilitated by the use of the portal, Which allows the player to travel long distances across the map. As the player explores other places in the game world, By the way, various biomes containing resources and enemies come to the fore. As enemies move around in the game.

They start spreading the environment in which they are Spawn, Which means that in addition to cleaning an area of the enemies, we also need to clean the floor to defeat them.

Core Keeper Roadmap:-

Core Keeper Roadmap

If a player dies during a fight, they respawn at the core in the starting area and can retrieve their lost items from the area where they died and retrieve them from the tomb that was dropped there. Along with the new big areas, there are also big boss enemies. Once defeated the boss drops items that can be used to summon NCP merchants to stay at the player’s base.

Core Keeper Base:-

Core Keeper Base

In the first three bosses included in the game, first Glurch the Abominous mass, which is a giant, jumping, orange slime. The second boss, named Ghorm the Devourer, is a giant insect that tunnels across the map, and the third Hive Mother is a fleshy creature that keeps spitting acid and calls its other enemies.

When defeated, these bosses release items that can be used to activate the core in the core chamber. Additionally when the area accessible to the player is initially limited by a wall that collapses the first starting areas. Upon activating the core this wall is removed, which brings up a new biome and an infinitely generated map, Portal Core Keeper.

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