Will There Be 2nd Season Of Tokyo Revengers 2022

Will There Be Tokyo Revengers 2nd Season 2022

Howdy! will there be 2nd Season of Tokyo Revenger. The release time and the how many episodes + Where to watch the anime for free.

Have you watched the latest episode of Tokyo Revenger? Tokyo Revenger is one of the most popular anime series worldwide. Tokyo revenger started to gain immense popularity in 2021-2022.


This is amazing anime-based manga series by Ken Wakui make this manga and anime become popular around the world one of the most-watched anime in 2021. Now fan base of this anime become popular now their demand has increased for the 2nd season.

So there are many questions asked where when next season will come. but the good news has come the creators had confirmed the next season at the end of 2022. Tokyo Revengers has gained popularity across the globe. However, Fans must wait 1 year for the anime meanwhile the manga has been completed. Those who love to read manga can enjoy the manga.

But the in 2nd season the series will not be complete. Moreover, The 3rd season or 2nd season part 2 will be aired in 2023. So this will become massive.

The Exact Time of the 2nd season of Tokyo Revengers will be aired in July 2022. 

The Official trailer will be released soon after the trailer it will take 1 or 2 months to get full anime air.

When Will Dub Tokyo Revengers Second Season Will Released?

Some fans seek dub anime this anime will be in dub. To see the fan base the dub will not leave behind. Most of the ongoing anime have a gap of almost 2-3 episodes of sub of dub.

Tokyo Revengers Episode comes in every week. Total ep will be 24 it will take 24 weeks and 5.5 months for the anime to complete.

The gap between dub and sub is almost 2 or 3 weeks.

Summy Of Story –

There is the boy Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old guy who works in the supermarket or does many minimal jobs. One day he saw his school-time gf die due to an accident Tokyo Majin gang was involved due to some supernatural phenomena somehow he ended up in his school days. now he figure out why is here what to do and he needs to save his school gf. And somehow the Tokyo Majin gang and his 4 leaders are somehow involved in this story. Mikey is one of the fan’s badass characters. Make whole anime interesting.

In this anime, you will see many amazing characters. action fight scene super cool boys attitude hot anime girls. love romance and brotherhood of boys gang. and badass moments of the whole gang there are also involve many other gangs.

Takemichi Hanagaki, wants to rewrite the future he has the change and finds out all the pieces of how his gf involved in the gang and tries to save her. In his path, he somehow becomes one of the leaders of the gang.

Spoiler Alert –

Takemichi Hanagaki, is not a cool guy he just simp and cries all the time and has big talk but in the while, he has his moments of badass sometimes. Also, he is not a good fighter. but the characters of the anime make this anime interesting that’s why these anime gain so much popularity. They dress those characters in a very unique way. The how the story goes you will love it.  it will knock your socks out.

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