Why is My Referral Code Not Showing Up On Wish?

If you are facing an issue with your referral code. If you can’t find the invite code we can help you with that. We have placed some solutions that might work for you. Wish is the shop[ping website where you can find anything at the lowest value.

First, If you are using the web version of the wish. Then you can’t find your invite code on their official site. Users must install the Wish App. Therefore, you will find the wish invite code in the app. Click on the top of the menu button.

There you will see the “Earn $100” Click on that you will see your invite code. Now share your code with family and friends. Every time they purchase something you will get the $10. Another person will 50% Off Instant.

Wish referral code

If You Still cant Find Your Invite Code On Wish App

If you still facing and couldn’t find your wish invite code on the app either. Do not worry! The problem most likely is wished does not provide the Invite code program in that country. Now you can do 3 things to avoid that.

  1. Change the seating On your Wish Account > Change Your Location> Change your currency.
  2. Use VPN so wish App doesn’t detect your location. Where You will see the Invite Code.
  3. If still Now Sowing the code. Make a new account with Vpn On.

Pro Level – Install Anty Dolphin Browser with this browser you can completely change your IP and your device fingerprint and it works 100%. this will be some work. If you want to beat the system so badly, then go for it.

I will show you how to do it Simple Steps –

  1. Install the browser Mention Above
  2. Get any Free IP address( you can find it on google)
  3. Make your profile on Dolphin
  4. Now Insert your Ip in the Ip Section & Do not change any Setting.

How to Create Dolphin Profile?


Here I have added all possible ways you can have your invite code back on your wish app. Now if you still Facing the issue you must contact Wish Support. They will surely solve the issue.

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