5 Anime worth of watching in 2023?

List of Anime Worth Of Watching in 2023

Here, I have shorted out the list of anime. you will like to watch it in 2023. there will be minor spoilers of anime. so don’t worry I will not ruin the fun for you.

The list I provide is based on recent shows airing around the world. you see much best anime to watch but I guess max. people already had watched this anime. ima here to show you a new and fresh anime list you can enjoy in 2023


  1. Record of Ragnarok – I found this anime very fascinating. I enjoy this a lot. in this anime, gods decide to end the human race after 7 million years because they are not worthy of living due to war b/w their greed. So one valkyrie purpose battle between humans and gods to see if they are worth living another 1 million years. so humans prepare the strongest human ever lived on earth now fight with gods. Now this one is exciting so many gods pity humans because they are weak. but the powers of humans are worth watching.

Here is the trailer of Record of Ragnarok –

List of Anime Worth Of Watching

you can watch ti anime on NetFlix

What gods are fighting w/ Humans in this anime

  1. Zeus vs Adam
  2. thor Vs Lu bu
  3. Poseidon vs Sasaki kojiro

Only Season 1 is aired w/ 12 Ep. Season 2 is yet to come.

2. Master of the Universe: Revelation Known As HE-Man – If you are in the 90s then you know who is He-man. and you also watched this when you are a kid. That’s right my friend the he-man anime is coming on Netflix. when I watched this trailer I got goosebumps, it brings back the memory. this is going to be a blast.

I am a big fan of He-Man I never imagined they will air the show on him I am too excited.

Here is the trailer of Master of the universe this is the name so don’t get confused it’s the same thing.

Skeletor– One of the most badass villains and so many memes on him. just watch the trailer and you know what I am talking about.


This show coming after 40 years again. So hold your seats.

If you remember what He-Men Says – “By the power of Greyskull! , I Have The Power” Gives me chills every time.

I am Adam Prince of Eternia, Defender of the secrets of the castle of Grayskull.

3. Yasuke– This anime is about samurai. Yasuke serve no man the anime is airing on Netflix. most brutal fights with swords. Samurai way shows the tradition of Japan. Yasuke is from a different race so no one accepts him. but he is the greatest swordsman so he became badass.

In this show, they show the journey of this man Yasuke.

This anime is also worth watching this month

Check out the trailer

It has 1 season aired on Netflix so keep watching.

This anime is 18+ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Anime

Legendary Black Samurai he is.

4. The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime – Next-level anime you will find. I personally recommend this anime. this anime has everything you will ever find. if you watch love anime or violence or hatred, powers, right & dark fantasy dynamic beasts, humans, kingdoms, and many more dragons, funny, and the quality of this anime is also the best.

There is a man in the human world who died while saving another person. That means he is a good guy. So

he gets reincarnated to another world as a slime-like jelly. with unknown power. he learns to adapt there and get the power full change shapes and built his kingdom. in this process, he encounters so much excitement. I mean I was amazed by one of my favs. anime. I enjoy it fully.

Here is a glimpse of the anime.

This one is brutal but all episodes are as much exciting.

There is a total of 2 seasons aired of the anime and season 2 part 2 is ongoing

5. Jobless Reincarnation – This is the best most amazing anime. This anime consists of many ultimates thing swordsmen, magic, and beasts. Powers, and it’s the too-funny man. I really enjoy it. I don’t get border even for a single second while watching this anime. this is totally amazing-

Story- is one man who died in an accident and reincarnated in another world as a baby so he knows about himself so he manages to get much information. He got to live another chance at his life from the start so he doesn’t want to waste it so he worked hard to manage to learn magic. he got powerful. this is the journey the is on. with lots of exciting things and love fantasy.  This means this anime is all about 100% fun for sure,

List of Anime Worth Of Watching

this anime has 1 season w/ 12 ep so enjoy this anime so satisfactorily.

By this clip, you see brutal seen this not it. it has many more amazing scenes yet to come. this guy is reincarnated in the anime as a pervert and all things he does are too funny I mean I barely control my laugh.

We have some of the Honorable Mention of Anime – 

1. Berserk – This anime is the darkest anime of the all-time considered. all you want to see in this anime is violence, dark humor ancient punishments, evil, and many more unspeakable things, Although his anime has not had good animation it is far good you can watch it.

2. Helsing Ultimate – Theacient vampire Alucard (Dracula) this is the story of this vampire who is under the control of the Helsing family, I don’t want o to spoil any more things for you. just watch this anime without any doubt.


These are a total of 5 Anime I have come up with I hope you will enjoy this anime as much as I enjoy it. I will be back for another amazing list worth watching.

If anyone has a different anime they know about it. please drop your list in the comment box.

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