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Welcome, today I am going to introduce you to what is AI content writing.  Ai content generated by artificial intelligence. Where you can have as many as content with no sweat. With this many people manage to get thousands of traffic on their website.

With the help of AI content, you can get as much help you need with the creative content or Help with the headlines help with the subheadlines, and also make your SEO friendly. Make your content very attractive and catchy.

This new AI content idea just comes in the last few months ago. Basically, this is made just to write blog articles. This is used on different levels. The AI is writing all the content on the site and giving the site boost. getting a high amount of traffic.

This AI content is around for many years and google and other site are using but we are not aware of it, For Example. have ever noticed while you write or compose a Gmail so someone, after you write any word of sentence Gmail, will suggest you the what you are going to type next and you will click on that. this is Ai Content Writing automatic generated content. Now people are using this to create blogs, articles H2 headlines, Intros, Outros, and much more.

Ai Content is making listing article Like

  • Top 10 laptops to buy
  • Top 10 places to visit
  • Top 10 best bikes or care
  • Top 10 Food To Eat

This kind of article they are making.

Every people is using ai without knowing. For example. have you used Grammarly to correct your grammatical error this is ai. You are using phone typing keywords then get suggestions on the next words the is ai.

Here I have found some of the tools that will help you to get creative content writing.

I will also help you to answer some questions. Down there stick with us. For Example, does, google detect the ai content?  Like these questions.

This article is not made with AI. Hand Written By me the Author Dhananjay Saini

AI Tool Online

1. Articoolo –

This is a really good platform to rewrite your article or create new articles. This is not free you have to pay in order to get full benefits.

The starting price is $19 top quality 10 articles. and $75 for 50 articles or $99 for 100 articles.

Start Your Free Trial Of 5 Days without paying a single penny. All new users can have this benefit.



These are services they are providing right now feel free to join them.

Articoolo Afilate Service

They also provide affiliate service you can refer to another person on this amazing site and you can get the commission of whatever purchase they do. if they register you will get the money as well.

  • 25% of any purchase
  • 90 days cookie
  • $0.20 for every free registration

Get Here.

2. AI Writer –

This is also a very good alternative many people using this ai writer around the world. Where you can have ;great content without any problem. This one is also paid you have to pay a certain amount in order to get your articcle3.

The starting price is $19 40 articles per month for only one user. Also, get 1 week free trial of this amazing platform.

AI Writer Full plan is –

$49 – 120 articles m/o with 2 months free / Custom Plan – Customize your Owen Plan

Choose plan here. 

No affiliate service is available.

Services – 

Full-length article

Verify the information

Fresh and relevant.

Unique and original.

SEO-friendly and authoritative.

Texdelivering Quality Research

Seo Efficiency

Time Efficiency

Research & Write

Generate Full Articles

Reduce Content Cost

Write About Any Topic

Increase Profit Margins

No Duplicate Content Penalties

Rewrite Text About Any Topic

Focus On High-roi Work

Make The Most Out Of Your Content

Auditable Trail Of Sources

Get More Referralst Here To Convert Case

Build Better Relationships

3. Jarvis.ai

One of the best ai. you can use this on YouTube or on-site to write great content for you. I personally use this in order to make a headline ao descriptions for youtube.

Max. AI is online and not free you have to pay some of the amounts in order to get their services.

Is no the ironman Jarvis this is the name of the AI also called conversion? get your content Speed of 5x. just have a few words that need to rephrase and change some of the keywords replace. you can also write the article in a different way. Like non profesional or profossional. The language you use every day and the language you need professionalism. They also crate the content with emotional phrased that will help you to rank your article on google.

Join Jarvis’s price starts from $29 with the 20000 words m/o. They also have an annual plan you can check it out here.

They also provide affiliate services.


Unlimited User Seat
Organize your projects into folders, such as client work.
Unlimited Project Folders
25+ Supported Languages
50+ Short-Form
Copywriting Templates
Chat Support
AI Copywriter’s Community

They also provide a 1-week free trial. 

4. Kafkai-

This ai is very reliable they can also translate your article into a different language. and their prices are also very low you can generate many articles with the help of ai.

One of the most useable ai around the market.

With this, you can start the free trial of 3 days. and the plans start from the $29 per hundred articles means per article you are paying $.29.

They also provide you with very good articles with ranking SEO factors. in the content.

Check kafkai Out.

Benefits of Kafkai-

You can contact them for any inquiry.

Kafkai is the best platform to have your content generated by AI. With the help of ai million of users are taking benefits.

Convert to different languages.

Original unique content

different writing skills.

Money-back guarantee.

5. Inkforall-

If you are looking for a free-content generator ai. This is for you. you just need to sign in and you can have 10 articles per month absolutely free. with the help of the ai you don’t have to pay a single penny.

In the meantime, you can upgrade the plan and the plan start from the $29 m/o.

Mostly these Ai tools do not come for free. you can enjoy the best of the ai here.

6. Copysmith –

Here, another one with a high-quality ai content generator. this is one of the best online where you won’t be disappointed, I personally use this ai. and it helps me a lot. with many articles.

The plan and the price of this ai are not so different from the other ai.

Check Copysmith

Comes with a free trial for you

Give you the best ideas and all new features.

New functionality of google ad or Facebook or many more,

The plan starts from the – $19 they also give affiliates.

7. Rytr –

This is the last ai I have come with you can use this ai without any doubt. It depends upon which one you will choose. You can write an article on every platform I have mentioned here.

Plan Start from $29 and can convert to any language. This is an awesome tool they are improving the content every day.

Rytr is one of the best ai there is. you can also start your free trial with the rytr and can generate the ai content. rank on google gets organic traffic.

  • Generate UNLIMITED* characters
  • Access 30+ use cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • ‍Dedicated account manager
  • Priority email & chat support
  • Access to premium community

Thank You See you in the next article.


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