Top Spiritual Culture Songs Around The World 2022

This is the era of new songs this generation like new songs every generation makes their songs today people like EMD. or new bass songs. In order to provide this song with Spiritual meaning, many cultures have put many thoughts in order to make new songs around the world.

I know some of the songs you might like. These are some cultural songs that reflect their country music. I know many countries want to add their song. But I don’t know that much about this song please put the song in the comment box so I can add them here.

This song also gives you the vibes of all time let me start with Leh Music.

Leh – Ladak – ( Music ) India

MTV Sound Trippin.  Leh “Ju Ju Leh”

There are monks from India who show how spiritual their culture can be in a new era they tried to explain the powers of the monks.

You can not find this song on youtube only at the link given

Mongolian Song –

The band Called (The Hu) – Song – Wolf Totem

The musical instrument is so amazing in this song and also defines Mongolian culture.

Indiana Song (USA)

Song – The Last of the Mohicans THE BEST EVER! by Alexandro Querevalú

This song will make you cry with such a melody and so much pain in the song. You can feel what they have been through in history.

Russian Song –

This song just listens to you will know this is the Russian song the dance and the song are so catchy I love it. made me dance too. the rhythm and the song and instrumental song are so good and put you in the good mood.

Song – Majestic x Boney M. – Rasputin This is a remix song by illumi Music.


Original Song – Boney M. – Rasputin (Sopot Festival 1979)


The Army Man Dance Video on this song is Most popular around the world.


Chinness Song

Can listen to good music and the good cultural value of china. Amazing song

Song – Chinese folk song — Look toward Beijing on the Grassland

Japanese Songs

I will mention many songs because in japan I can not say which song is better. There are anime songs or cultural songs of a new era.

First, let me introduce a new song of the 20th century for younger blood. EDM –  V I B E S total of 21 Songs.

This is the Sword Fight song from the movie skill bill also a very catchy song. – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Whenever you listen to this song you will automatically know what is this song – Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki Boyz

South Korea Songs –

Anime song of south Korean Cultural -【The God of High School】Seo Hanryang The Weapon Master

BTS  From South Korea

Personally, I like this one – TREASURE – ‘BEAUTIFUL’ M/V

and not BTS this one too GD X TAEYANG – GOOD BOY M/V

Mention your songs in the comment box. Thank You!

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