Major season 7 Release Date 2023

Will there be major season 7? The major has Up to 6 seasons right now but it does not confirm 7th season yet. The first season of major is started in 2004 and the last season aired in 2006 S6.

However, The popularity of this anime is vast where the worldwide audience is big of a fan. According to resources, japan is making progress in this anime they will bring the old-time anime back. Moreover, The 7th season only has 12 episodes. after 11 years this will be a big hit to old-timers who used to watch this anime as a kid on tv.


This is anime is about baseball The main category is – (Comedy, Sports, Drama Thrill). In this anime, you will see players playing baseball on a whole other level traveling all over the world Gorou Honda Is the main character in this anime who has a passion for playing baseball and with the all struggle and hard work shows how he becomes a world champion.

This will show all the mind-related problems he and everybody have. How he overcome his failures and no matter how many times he got set back show s the true nature of hardship and motivation in this Anime.

When Will Season 7 Of Major Will Release?

Most Likely The all-new 7 the season of major will come in 2021 to 2023. This will take much time to create the original like anime from the last 12 years.

They have to consider the voices and how to make a story go with original characters. and also bring it with DUB English.

Total Episode od major is – 154 + 3 OVA

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