How I Make Money Using Brave Browser?

It’s very simple when you don’t see any ads on the brave browser because brave has its own browser setting that you can’t see any ad on this browser it doesn’t matter which site you open the brave will automatically block all the ads. This clock adds is not compulsory you can turn off the shield of brave and time so you can continue watching as on any site this browser also blocked YouTube ads so how we can make money on this browser you don’t see any ads on this browser but brave give a certain amount to if you see any of the ads this amount comes with the bat coin you have to turn on the setting in the brave browser in order to make bats then you can trade this back and a US dollars in your brave wallet then how can I receive this money in my bank account first you need to link up with the Crypto count online then be when you complete us certain threshold on brave Browser then the brave browser will automatically send this money to your Crypto wallet then after Crypto wallet you can sell or trade this usdt into account

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