Black Myth Wukong – Reveals 8 New Details Trailer Breakdown

Black Myth: Wukong

Game science creates this all-new amazing game black myth Wukong with the support of the epic game in unreal engine 5.

Game Look with the extraordinary masterpiece. This game is based on the Monkey king sun wukong the China legendary person of the sixteenth century from the novel Journey to the west. There are movies made on the monkey king. Both bad and great deeds.

Wukong not consider GOD but he is the strongest person.

Monkey King has many powers. he can change into different forms and can make his body double. and he can change into other large monkeys and have superhuman strength most impressive weapon he has is his staff can change into any size and can not break.

Black Myth Wukong New Trailer Release of 12:44 Detail Breakdown

This game most advance made by the gameplay epic games and game science all the contributions in these games makes it the most amazing of all. Built oN UE5, 4k  w/ the 60 fps also support Nvidia’s raytracing, DlSS, and Dolby atoms


  1. From the beginning of the trailer, this isn’t sure this is the real monkey king. who wants to follow in the footsteps of the money king. and complete the journey he left behind.
  2. At the point when the trailer begins, it shows in the snow. you can see in the game the primary person running in the snow & get his foot under the snow like occur in the reality.
  3. Where you see wukong battle with another monkey who has a quite enormous sword (Katana) in the game  Wukong has additionally got some new stunning forces. he can do the shadow twofold and can stay away from the attack.
  4. In the beginning, you can see that he kill the person from behind this is called an assassin kill. he can get behind without creating any noise can kill the foe. Moreover, he has self-healing abilities, In the trailer, you can see him make the fire circle around him to guard himself. Like in the film where the monkey king draws a circle around the priest to protect him.
  5. wukong has many kinds of potions where he can assist himself with fixing the damage.
  6. Black Myth Wukong shows his amazing skills on the white dragon. This is quite a powerful magic dragon, wukong can move his staff so quick that he can protect himself and do the counterattack in the 1st trailer.
  7. Where the white-winged dragon has lighting breaths and furthermore controls thunder lighting.
  8. in the trailer, many booses show up in the battle, More Powerful and with major weapons and other different monster animals, Where all the enemies are taken from the Chinese novel journey to the west.

Players have waited for this game for a very long and still waiting the initial release date is in 2023 and players can play it on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows,

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